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The Essential Guide for the Best Time to Buy Almost Anything

Last updated on April 25, 2018Shopping Tips
the best time to buy anything

The digital revolution has left no sector untouched. E-commerce stores are gradually replacing traditional retail stores and consumers now seem to ignore the numerous benefits that could accrue from buying during specific seasons. After all, e-commerce stores don’t exactly look at the weather before giving discounts or coupons. But this is far from the truth. No matter the retailer, the market forces of demand and supply still play a major role in determining the price of products and the best time to buy. It’s a basic law of economics that is yet to be disproven by digitalization. And if you ignore this law, you’ll be doing so at your own peril.

There’s always a best time for everything you want to buy. The trick lies in knowing when that best time is. The law of demand follows that the price of any product is higher when the demand for it is high. You’ll be saving yourself a whole lot of money, and perhaps stress if you target the periods of low demand to purchase your needs. The periods preceding the sharp rise in demand is also another period you should harness. You do not wait for the rains before you get a raincoat. You’ll be shortchanging yourself greatly. And why you may think such differences in price do not count, we can assure you they do. The prices of some products could vary by as much as 50% within a calendar year and spending less when you can is a major part of financial education. So, why settle for a higher price when you would get the same quality of the product for half the price if you had purchased it just a few months earlier or if you could simply do without it for a few more months.

Below is a guide to help you with the best month of the year to buy particular products.

What are the best things to buy in January?

Beddings, towels, and linens

January heralds the white sales and it’s a good time to change your beddings, curtains, and towels. These items go at ridiculously cheap prices at departmental stores during the white sales period in the first month of the year.

Office furniture

New furniture models are usually released around February. So, stores would naturally look to get rid of the old stock. Many entrepreneurs would also be looking to open for business at the beginning of the new tax year and retailers would naturally be looking out to pitch furniture to them. If you are unable to get a good deal, you may wait until May.

Digital cameras, tablets, TVs and related electronics

The prices of these items drop after the buzz of the season. Store owners would be looking to get them off the shelves to make way for new models.

Fitness equipment

Your New Year resolution to continuously work out would still be fresh in your mind and retailers would be looking to help your cause.

What are the best things to buy in February?

Home utilities

The President’s day is a good time to buy much stuff and hope utilities surely rank high on the list of discounted items during the President’s day weekend


Some high-end chocolate rarely go on sale after the Valentine’s Day. If you have a fetish for such, wait till it’s almost Valentine’s Day when stores would be looking to exhaust their stock. And if you can take the risk, wait till right after Valentine’s Day. 

Winter apparel and sports gear

The summer is fast-approaching already and stores would not want to carry over their inventory of winter apparel to the new season. Expect good discounts on such products.

TVs and Cameras

Discounted sale of TVs and cameras continue until February. If you can’t get a good deal in February, you may have to wait till Black Friday.

What are the best things to buy in March?


In anticipation of the summer travels new luggage styles begin to arrive but the outdated ones would still need a home. This is when you can get them at cheap prices. If you don’t want the outgoing models, wait until August.

Frozen foods

The third month of the year is the National Frozen Food’s month. You’re likely to see a lot of coupons flying around. This is the perfect opportunity to fill up your freezer.


Low humidity is usually a feature of the winter months. Since summer is approaching, retailers would be looking to push you their inventory at a discount.

What are the best things to buy in April?

Cars and car parts

Car dealers look out for used cars at the April auction and they would want to get them off their garage as quickly as possible. April is also the National Car Care Month and you can get cool deals for your car parts that need to be taken care of.

Spring apparel

Store owners would have stocked this since February and would already be wondering why the inventory is not moving. Discounts are likely to fly around in this period. Grab a good deal if you can.

What are the best things to buy in May?


It’s time for newer merchandise to move in but how do retailers accept that when the old stuff is still on sale. If you’ve been having sleepless nights from your uncomfortable mattress, go out in May and get a good deal for yourself. The Memorial Day weekend would be a good target.

Kitchen supplies

The Memorial Day weekend is a good time to get your kitchen supplies if you didn’t do that over the Presidential Day weekend. Moreover, wedding and graduation seasons are around the corner and you really don’t want to get caught up in the rush.

What are the best things to buy in June?

Desktop and Laptop Computers

The back to school season would soon hit it’s peak so you would have to act fast. You’re likely to find retailers pushing discounts around. You should get one if you’ll need it soon. And if you can wait, you can never go wrong by getting a PC on Black Friday.

Gym membership

The summer is upon us already and having a run outside looks more like a good idea. But the gyms would not take a break, would they? Gym membership rates would surely be discounted during this period.

Caribbean cruise

June comes with the hurricane season and many would be less inclined to go on a cruise to the Caribbean. You could even wait until the last minute before booking. They’ll be glad there’s someone interested in the trip and the discounts would show their gratitude.

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What are the best things to buy in July?


Jewelry stores are dying to sell around this period as there is no gift-giving holiday in sight. You could get a good deal even if you’ll be buying ahead of time. You could even consider doing some Christmas shopping before the holiday rush creeps in.


July is traditionally the best time to buy tools. After the Independence Day rush, retailers would be looking to exhaust their supply of grills and ovens.

Mattress and Furniture

The Independence Day also brings cool mattress deals along with it. Another release of new furniture models comes up in August and the old models would be looking for new homes.

Amazon deals

The month has played host to the past 3 Amazon price deals and you can expect mouthwatering price-cuts from the online retail giant.

What are the best things to buy in August?


The summer months are officially coming to a close and so is the swim season. Stores won’t be keen on keeping their swimming gear for another year.

 Camping gear

Just as with the swim season, the arrival of winter also means camping would no longer be much fun. But the stores would still have camping gear in their inventory. Avail yourself of this opportunity by picking up some at a discount, even if you won’t be needing it until the next year.


This is another item whose price would likely hit an all-time low during the month of August. You could also look out for the tax-free shopping days which differs from state to state. You’ll be getting valuable items at even lower prices since you won’t be paying any sales tax.

What are the best things to buy in September?

Computers and Stationery

The back to school surge in demand would already be over and retailers would be cooling off on the sales made. Or you could just wait till Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get your computers. These dates are only about two months away.


The early fall is the commencement of the model year and new car models are expected to roll in soon. The prices of the old model would be discounted to get them off the garages of dealers.

Plane tickets

You could book your holiday travel tickets right from now if you plan ahead. As a rule, the closer to the flight date you book your ticket, the higher the amount you’ll be paying. This is even more so during the holiday periods.

What are the best things to buy in October?


New models of bicycles come out in the fall months. You could get the older models at a giveaway price during this period.


School is now in full session and the back-to-school sales are over. For a short time denim left over will get discounted prior to the holiday shopping.

Outdoor goods

Summer is long gone. You can snag great deals on outdoor items such as gardening tools and lawnmowers. You could even possibly score awesome deals on camping supplies.

What are the best things to buy in November?


The leftover stock post-Halloween would be greatly discounted. No one plans to store such huge amounts of candy all year round.


November is traditionally the biggest shopping month of the year. And yes, it plays host to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You’ll be getting massive discounts on virtually every product imaginable. Large chain stores as well as small retailers all honor Black Friday, although, some more than the others. The price slashes would be more than worth the trouble you could go through while shopping on Black Friday.

Electronics traditionally dominate November sales and you can expect huge discounts on big and small appliances alike; vacuum cleaners, PCs, and phones, TVs, washing machines, tablets, just name it. Cooking utensils and household toolkits also go for much less during the November sales.

Toys and Gift Cards

You could also shop for toys and gift cards late November. Prices would still be low as the December rush for toys is yet to begin. But toy stores could be found wanting for variety in this period. You may wait until early December if that turns out to be the case.

What are the best things to buy in December?

Wedding Dresses

The wedding season is far over and people are already thinking about the New Year. Even if you won’t be walking down the aisle until spring or summer, now would be a good time to shop for your wedding dress.

Champagne and other wines

The New Year is around the corner already and you can expect discounts on all kinds of wines. Do not get caught in the last minute rush, though. Shop for these items early in December as the prices could go back up some days to Christmas. There’ll also be a fresh wave of discounts the day after Christmas.

Housing options

The holidays aren’t particularly popular for many housing deals. Thus, sellers that list homes during this period usually want to get it off their hands quickly.


Dealerships would be looking to meet their end of the year targets in this month. Moreover, new models would be coming in at the turn of the New Year. These factors motivate dealers to sell their cars at discounted rates.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. The essential guide for the best time to buy almost anything.

The frugal buyer would definitely find this monthly shopping guide useful. Besides the huge amounts you could be saving on discounted sales and lower rates, the guide would also help you plan your budget and would reduce impulse buying. To further achieve your saving goals, remember to only buy what you need.

Discounts should not push you to buy what you did not need in the first place. In such cases, you won’t be saving the discounted amount, but you’ll be wasting the amount spent. I’m sure you understand the analogy. Benjamin Franklin once said ‘Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.’ So, that seemingly inconsequential amount greatly matters.