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The Short Guide to Understanding Amazon Warehouse Deals

Last updated on April 27, 2018Amazon Deals
amazon warehouse deals

Amazon is an amazing website where you can find a virtually limitless array of choices for anything you might want from paper towels to drones and from laptops to groceries.

If you are like many others and you spent the extra money and gotten yourself Prime, you may be thinking that you got the best deal with Amazon.

But there is a “hidden” area of Amazon’s site that you may not know about that can net you some amazing deals.

If you make this area a stop when searching on Amazon’s site you will be very pleasantly surprised.

What’s this hidden area? Amazon Warehouse Deals!

How to Find Amazon Warehouse Deals

While Amazon doesn’t really hide warehouse deals section and they don’t advertise it per se they do include it in the product price listings.

You most likely won’t find the warehouse deals just searching using the search bar – you have to do just a little more work to find the deals.

If you already know about the page you can select it from the page selector to the left of the search bar or just bookmark the Amazon Warehouse Deals page.

Now once you are on this page, each time you search you will be searching specifically in the warehouse deals.

On the Amazon product pages finding warehouse deals is a little more complicated. New products are listed first – warehouse deals will usually be listed as “Used”.

When you click on the used link use the Prime filter to narrow your results and then look for the Amazon Warehouse Deals logo.

What Exactly Is Amazon Warehouse Deals Anyway?

Amazon warehouse deals are products that have been returned, damaged at the warehouse, used, and refurbished.

Because these items do not qualify as “new” to Amazon, they list them here. There are some new and open-boxed items, but they are rarer than the above mentioned goods.

If you are a Prime member goods sold here also qualify for the two day shipping option on items that qualify for this option.

Rest assured that Amazon thoroughly tests each product, so it can be listed for sale.

Here is a list to help you with how Amazon “grades” items listed on the warehouse deals.

  • New – This means that the product has not been opened, but the package has some minor damage.
  • Like New – the product is in perfect working order but a previous customer opened the package and then returned it.
  • Very Good – The item has been tested and verified to work correctly. There may be some minor cosmetic damage.
  • Good – This item has been tested and verified in working order. However, it may have missing accessories or significant cosmetic damage.
  • Acceptable – Items are still tested and verified in working order. However, the items has signs of wear with different packaging and non manufacturer accessories.

Please be aware that items that are New may be harder to find than those which are Like New, or Very Good.

There is not a lot of inventory items so waiting for something here to go on sale might mean losing out on the product. You shouldn’t have a problem at all purchasing here as Amazon still stands behind their return policy.

Why Should You Use Amazon Warehouse Deals?

Amazon warehouse deals allows you to find great deals on products.

While you should be careful of what you order, if you do your research and find products in the right condition you are golden.

The warehouse page has deals for many of the popular Amazon categories like:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Baby products
  • Home & Garden
  • Shoes
  • and a lot more!

You can save a ton of money and still get the great customer experience you have come to expect and rely on with Amazon.

Amazon Warehouse Deals - A Great Way to Save on Amazon

If you are a regular shopper on Amazon, you should definitely be taking advantage of the deals you find here.

While the deals can be hit or miss you should for sure make this a stop when shopping on Amazon.

To save even more keep checking out Azon Smart. We’ll keep posting more articles on how to save on Amazon shopping!